Inför Mors Dag/Mothers Day

Ett Mors Dags kort med dessa tänkvärda ord fick jag
av min dotter Anna förra året!

This is a card that I received from my daughter Anna
last year for Mothers Day.

Hon har inte författat det själv även om
det stämmer så bra!
Mother, you've done so much for me
How can I ever thank you

Time and time again, you've read my heart,
sensed my need, and gone out of your way
to help me when you just as easily could have
told me that I was on my own and no longer
your concern...

Mother, rather than lecture me, you listened,
you advised, and you cautioned. Sometimes
the differences between our generations hit
head-on. Through it all, we both changed a little,
though I know I had the most to learn and benefit
from your guidance. You have taught me so much
and sacrificed for me often. Even though I've told
you before, I want to thank you again.

Life hasn't always been a "breeze" for me; you
and I both know my weakness and my mistakes.
I'm sorry if I've burdened you with my problems.
Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without you.
I know it is blessed to give, but it is also blessed
to receive. I just wish I could trade blessings with
you now and let you be on the receiving end for
a change.

I hope you can feel my gratitude and heartfelt thanks,
and that you know how important you are to me.
And I also hope you know that these are not just
some more pretty words on another pretty card.
They are words sent from my heart to you, Mother,
to say how much I love you.
(Author Donna Fargo)

Postat av: Petra

haha vilka nyckelord!hamburgare,sodastream och cops :D
Gud vilken fin text! Kraaaam

2008-05-14 @ 10:11:30
Postat av: Anonym

hej mor!

Försökte att lägga in en kommentar direkt när du lagt ut detta men det gick inte av någon anledning... Minns kortet vagt, men still mean every word! Love you mom!

2008-05-18 @ 20:30:21

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